General Business Consulting

Our general business consulting engagements are strategic in nature whether they involve helping you develop your business plan or gain an understanding of why your overall business is not performing as expected. Though these are consulting engagements, we perform all our engagements in a coaching manner so that the business owner gets the most impact and help.

  1. Business Plan Development - for financing or your own internal plan. 
  2. Feasibility Study - for determining if your business or project is viable.
  3. Business Case - small plan for existing businesses for projects where financing is needed.
  4. Business Plan Assessment  - for assessment of your current business plan for financing viability.
  5. Business Assessment - for assessment of your entire business to determine where improvements are required and help you determine why your business is not performing as expected.

Business Plan

The goal of a business plan is to document each area of your business including your business goals , your expected financials, and how you plan to achieve your goals.  Every business should have a business plan that documents their business strategy and how they plan to grow and develop their business. The plan should be a working document that should be updated as your business changes.

Unfortunately most businesses do not develop a business plan until they require financing for their business. Almost every lender or investor will require that you submit a business plan that details your business and provides information on how you plan to achieve the revenue you are projecting to obtain financing.  A business plan for a start-up will be quite different than one for a business that has been in business for 2+ years. Existing businesses must include a snapshot of the past in their business plan as well as 2 prior years of financials. 

Our value add with the development of a business plan is that we develop a financial model based off the data from your business plan which adds credibility to the financial proforma statements when seen by a lender or investor.  An example:  financial model.

Your business plan has to document and verify how you plan to meet your financial plan. The financial plan will consist of proforma statements for 5 years developed by a CPA for a start-up and for an existing business will include 2-3 prior years of financials as well to provide a pattern of past performance to the lender.  

Business Plan Includes:

  • Market Analysis and Penetration
  • Company Background
  • Product and Services
  • Go to Market Strategy / Sales Plan
  • Marketing Plan 
  • Operations Plan
  • Organizational and Management Structure
  • Financial Plan and Financial Model

Target Client

  • Start-up businesses that are looking for help developing a full business plan to assist them in running their business.
  • Start-up businesses that that a business plan for financing.
  • Existing business that are looking to make changes in their business and wants to document how the "new" business will look and how it will run.
  • Existing businesses that are looking for financing.  

**Note:  Depending on why you require financing for your business, you may only be required to have a feasibility study instead of a full business plan. Provide both descriptions to your lender or investor prior before you commit to having a full business plan developed for financing.

Business Plan Guide Options

If you are looking to develop a business plan yourself for your business, but are not sure where to start.  This detailed 40 page business plan guide includes examples and descriptions of the content that needs to be included in each section. This guide will provide you with that option.  If you then need financing and are not sure whether your plan is complete, a business plan assessment can be performed for 25-35% of the cost of having use write the plan for you.

If in addition to the guide you would like 3 hours of one-on-one coaching to help you in developing the plan, we offer a package that includes the business plan guide and 3 hours of coaching.

Feasibility Study

The goal of a feasibility study is for a business to determine if their idea or project makes sense from an economic perspective. A feasibility study will involve determining the break even point to determine how much revenue is required to meet your projected operating expenses. A feasibility will look at your defined target market and size as well as your top 3 competitors along with your organizational and operational requirements to generate a 5 year financial model which includes proforma financial statements which can be provided to an investor or lender. A feasibility is not a market research project and assumes that you have an understanding of your industry and market prior to engaging in the feasibility study. If you require market research or analysis on your industry, your target market or geographies - this is outside the scope of this engagement.

Our value add with the development of a feasibility study is that we develop a financial model based off the data from your feasibility study which adds credibility to the financial proforma statements when seen by a lender or investor.

Feasibility Study Includes:

  • Market Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis 
  • Operational Requirements Analysis 
  • Financial Overview and Financial Model

Target Clients

  • Start-up businesses that are trying to determine if their business idea has merit before they invest time and money in moving forward
  • Existing businesses who are looking to grow their business and are trying to determine whether it is feasible before moving forward.

**Note: Depending on why you require financing for your business, you may only be required to have a feasibility study instead of a full business plan. Provide both descriptions to your lender or investor prior before you commit to having a full business plan developed for financing.

Business Case 

The goal of a business case is to help in the creation and the development of the justification of a new initiative that  you are considering as part of your business. This could include a new project, the addition of a new product, purchase of equipment or technology, or the acquisition of another business, to name a few.

A business case is very similar in nature to a feasibility study in that you are trying to determine the chances of success, but a business case is more focused on the economic justification of an initiative or project versus a feasibility study, which is looking more at whether there is a market to proceed. 

Business Case Includes:

  • Description / Outline of the Objectives of Initiative or Project
  • Analysis of the alternatives 
  • Anticipated impact of performance for each alternative
  • Cost-benefit Assessment
  • Financial Plan and Financial Model

Target Client

  • Existing business that are looking to determine if an initiative or project is worth implementing. Many times for existing businesses who already have standing with a lender, a business case can be used instead of a full business plan to obtain financing for the initiative or project.

Business Plan Assessment

The goal of a business plan assessment is to assess an existing business plan to determine whether it is adequate for use in applying for financing at a financial institution or with investors.

Business Plan Assessment Includes:

  • An entire review of the business plan will be performed.
  • A report will be provided back to the client outlining areas of deficiencies that will need to be updated in the plan prior to applying for financing.
  • This engagement does not include actually making the changes to the plan through rewriting or re-development of financial statements.**

**If this work is required, either of these services can be provided and quoted once the assessment is complete if you want a fixed price, otherwise will be done at the current hourly rate.

Target Clients:

  • Any business that has an existing business plan that wants to have it evaluated to determine if it is adequate to apply for financing or investment.

Business Assessment

The goal of a business assessment is to evaluate each and every area of your business to uncover what issues are keeping you from meeting your overall business goals, stagnating growth, or impacting profitability.  

Business Assessment Includes:

  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Human Resources 
  • Sales
  • Marketing

This is a very interactive engagement where interview sessions will done with the key stakeholders in the business as well with those within the business that are responsible for each of the areas within the business outlined above. A detailed business assessment report will be presented to the stakeholders which provides the analysis performed in each area of the business along with with recommendations for improvement.  In addition to the report, a balanced scorecard will be developed from the findings in the report which will highlight the priorities of the changes required in order to meet your business goals or to help you in returning to a profitable business.

If additional help is needed within the implementation phase, we can provide ongoing coaching or tactical support if required either ourselves or through partners.

Target Clients:

  • Businesses that are having issues with profitability in their business and are not sure where to start to regain control and turn the business around.
  • Businesses that are interested in growth and are stagnated and are not sure why they are not receiving the growth expected.
  • Businesses that are considering selling their business in the next several years and want to make any necessary changes now that will help them in receiving a higher valuation when they decide to sell their business.

Tactical Business Consulting Services

If you are looking for more tactical business consulting services for your business, we offer those services through our Business Assistant Virtual Services in order to keep the client cost down, as these services are only offered remotely.

virtual assistant business services

Our offices are located just outside Toronto within the GTA. We are able to provide many services to businesses across Canada remotely.

Our local service area includes:  Toronto, Peterborough, Bowmanville, Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes, Orillia, Clarington, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Port Perry, Uxbridge, Scarborough, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas.

Contact us if you are outside our local service area and require service in person.

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