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financial review

Goal of a Financial Review

financial review  is a business consulting  & coaching engagement which will help you as a business owner understand your current financials.  The engagement will also help you determine where your time needs to be focused and  possible changes made in order to meet the financial goals you have set for your business. The coaching side of the  financial review will help you better understand and manage your own financials going forward so you can begin to work "on your business" versus "in your business" and reach your financial goals.

What Does a Financial Review Entail?

  •  A review of past 2 to 3 years results – compiled statements if possible, or General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) from tax returns, along with current year P&L by month

  • A detail questionnaire will be provided to the owner to complete to gain an understanding of the business as well as comprehension of current financial position, along with setting of financial goals.  The results will be reviewed with the owner.

  • Conduct analysis on key metrics such as, but not limited to, working capital, accounts receivable, accounts payable, revenues, cost of sales, fixed costs, return on sales and break-even points

  • Review business processes including, lead generation thru to billings collections, hiring and recruitment processes, service delivery and timing

  • Determine cost drivers from above analysis.

  • Make recommendations for financial improvements to your business and provide coaching on how to implement them in your business

This is an interactive process where you will gain an understanding of your current financials and what they are telling you, along with receiving recommendations on areas of improvement that will affect your business positively , so you are able to understand and manage your financials, while meeting your financial goals. Though the analysis and recommendations are consulting, there is coaching involved to help you understand the data presented and how to implement change in order to achieve your goals.

Note:  This is a financial management consulting & coaching engagement which is not to be confused with an accounting review engagement offered by Licensed Public Accountants.

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Do you have an accounting package with a budgeting module?  If not, that should not keep you from able to budget for your business. We have developed a Cash Flow Budget Template that goes beyond a basic operating budget that allows you to develop a budget for 2 years as well as customize it for your particular business.

  • Tool supports 2 years starting with your fiscal year starting month and includes income, cost of sales, operating expenses, and expenditures on capital assets for your business. It provides variance calculations to show you how accurate your budgeting is against actuals.

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