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At RK Fischer & Associates, our primary focus is providing business consulting and business coaching services to small-medium sized owner-operated businesses. Our consultants are also available for interim management engagements for businesses who require help for an extended period of time. We also provide financial management services through one of our Partners, Rudy Fischer, CPA,CMA, so you are assured that an accounting professional is involved every step of the way.

Our two new service offerings are our Business Assistant Services and our Business Helpline, which we are offering based on feedback from prospects and clients. Our Business Assistant Services are for those clients who are looking for someone to perform many of the tactical requirements that come out of a consulting engagement. We are now able to offer those services to clients. Our Business Helpline provides one-on-one business  ad-hoc business help by phone, for those business owners who are just looking for quick help or advice.

Our consulting and coaching engagements are offered on fixed price not to exceed basis. You will know exactly what work we will perform, the process we will follow, deliverables, as well as what information and involvement we will require of you and your staff. Knowing what you will receive for a quoted fixed price should give you peace of mind, and we will not leave until all of the objectives of the engagement are met.

We work directly with you, the business owner to understand your specific business goals and challenges so that we can implement the right solutions for your business, ensuring that you have continued long term success. We use our methodology and tools in every engagement to provide understanding, focus, and measurement throughout every step.

If additional expertise is required, we will bring in the necessary professionals, whether that be a specialized accountant, corporate lawyer, printer, web developer, or other professional.

At the end of the day, the work we perform in your business should help you improve your bottom line.


Business Consulting 

We provide business consulting services to support you throughout the lifecycle of your business. We do not perform any business consulting in isolation, as it is important for us that the client is involved and learns every step of the way. 

We provide business consulting for all areas of your business: Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, and Operations.  If specialized help is required in a specific area, we have partnerships with other professionals we will call upon to provide any expertise required.

We offer defined business consulting as well as customized consulting which is based on your individual requirements.

Defined Business Consulting Engagements

Business Coaching

Business coaching is for business owners or stakeholders within an organization who looking for  help and guidance with specific issues within their business. Instead of having someone come in and perform the actual work, business coaching allows the individual or group to learn how to solve or implement a particular solution on their own. Business coaching is provided in the following formats:

  • One-on-One Coaching or Mentoring:  We work with individuals, usually the business owner, to work through a particular situation or issue they are currently facing within their business. This is either through business coaching or our business helpline.

  • Facilitation: There are times where a neutral third party is needed to help facilitate meetings or group discussions within your organization in order to ensure that it is productive, your objectives and goals are set and met, and ensure that rules of engagement are followed. 

  • Training:  We offer one-on-one or group training in order to teach skills to those within your business that need some further understanding, or so that certain skills are transferred in order to accomplish needed tasks within your business.  We are able to develop and provide customized training specifically for your business if required.
    • Examples:  How to Develop a Business Plan, How to Utilize Social Media Properly In Your Business, Do It Yourself SEO, Digital Marketing

Business Coaching Options

Interim - Management

There are times that organizations require help in an area of their business for an ongoing period of time, which is where interim-management comes into play.  Whether you need a financial advisor one day a month for an extended period of time, need a sales manager for a few months until you are able to make a full-time hire, or you are looking to backfill a management position due to a leave of absence, we can provide someone for a period of time as required.

Business Assistant Services

Whether you need to outsource tasks in your business or just need help on a part-time basis until you are able to hire, our Business Assistant Services allow you the choice.

Whether you need help posting on Social Media, developing sales or operational processes, or need help writing job descriptions, we are able to offer these and other services to our clients at a rate that is cost-effective to their business with staff that are focused on these service offerings.

We only offer these services to clients we are already providing consulting & coaching. We are not providing tactical business services on their own.

Example of a few of theservices we have performed for our existing clients:

  • Help with implementation of CRM in their business 
  • Writing optimized text for SEO for their website
  • Development of job descriptions 
  • Social Media ad campaigns for events 

Financial Management Services

We offer financial management services through one of our business partners, Rudy Fischer, CPA, CMA. Our financial management services are listed separately in order to clarify that a management accountant is in charge of this function. Though we  may use our other consultants or partners to perform any analysis and gather information, you can rest assured that any and all financial work is reviewed and signed off by a CPA.


We provide solutions that include business consulting and coaching in solutions packages which are defined for particular business requirements. 

Business Life Cycle Solutions

We offer business life cycle solutions for those starting a business, growing a business, or those that need some help in tuning their business. These are fixed priced packages. We can provide financing and also have a banking partner that can offer longer term financing if needed. 

Solutions By Discipline

We are developing solutions which are focused on a particular discipline. We are creating individual microsites to help provide clarity of the solutions we offer by a specific discipline. 

Pre-Startup Solutions

For those businesses who are in the process of starting a business or those that are pre-revenue.

Inbound Marketing solutions

For those businesses who are in the process of setting up inbound marketing or those who are looking to get a better return out of their current inbound marketing.

Financing Solutions

For those businesses who are looking for start-up , growth, or working capital financing for their business.

Partnership Services

RK Fischer & Associates is able to provide complete one-stop-shopping solutions by partnering with other business service providers who offer complimentary solutions to our own. Some partner services are provided and managed through RK Fischer & Associates to provide quality and consistency in delivery of all of the services provided. For those partners where just a referral is required, such as a bookkeeper or lawyer, we will not only work with you to find the right vendor and service for your business, but we will remain involved to ensure you are satisfied with the service you receive from our partner.

  • Financial Accounting Services : Whether you require basic bookkeeping services, want to outsource your payroll, or need an outside professional accounting firm for compiling statements and filing taxes , we have partners that can provide you with the right accounting services for your business. 

  • Corporate Legal Services: Whether your require  or need a review of a employment or distribution contract, need legal advice in negotiating a merger/acquisition, or require other legal services that necessitate legal professionals, we work with several firms and Corporate Lawyers in private practice who can help you with your legal needs.

  • Financing for Your Business: Whether you are looking for a small business loan, or third party debt or equity financing, we have partners that can help you.  We work closely with a few financial organizations that can provide lending even if you have been turned down by traditional financing as well as equity financing for those who are looking for more of an investment in their business. 

    We also have partners that will help you finance any consulting and coaching performed through us based "on approved credit".

  • Web Development: Whether you need a five (5) page brochure type site or a fully integrated marketing or ecommerce site, we have partnered with several partners who can develop this in a Content Management System which will allow you the luxury to update your site yourself and is designed for your requirements.

  • Graphic Design: Whether you require a new logo for your business or are looking for full Corporate branding, we are partnered with companies that can develop a corporate brand for your business.  We use the same graphic designers to develop the graphics for online as well as offline marketing mediums so there is consistency of the design and look throughout all of the marketing for your business.

  • Printing: Whether you require printing for business cards or a corporate brochure, we have partners who can provide you printing to meet your budget.

Our offices are located just outside Toronto within the GTA. We are able to provide many services to businesses across Canada remotely.

Our local service area includes:  Toronto, Peterborough, Bowmanville, Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes, Orillia, Clarington, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Port Perry, Uxbridge, Scarborough, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas.

Contact us if you are outside our local service area and require service in person.

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