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Who You Are

You are an existing owner-operated business with under 100 employees located in Canada who is looking for help to grow, better manage, or fix specific areas of your business. You are looking for  business consulting  and/or business coaching. Business consulting is chosen when the business owner requires specific work to be accomplished for them. Business coaching is utilized when the business owner wants to be involved and learn how to perform aspects of the work themselves.  

We also work with  start-up businesses that are ready to invest both time and expense in their business in Canada, as we are not able to offer special pricing for start-ups, There usually is more time required working with a start-up, as mature businesses have financial history as well as most of their business structure defined.

For those new businesses who are not able to invest yet, but require assistance in setting-up your business, there are small business enterprise centres in Ontario who can provide help and guidance to help get you started for little to no cost. If you are located in Durham Region, BACD in Whitby is the small business centre that can provide you with the required help you need. One of our Partner's is on the Board of Directors.

Who We Are

We are business consultants, business coaches, and advisors, who provide help to business owners for the purpose of generating  growth and profitability. We offer both business consulting and business coaching to assist you so you can focus working "on your business".

We are located in Durham Region and we service clients throughout the Toronto GTA and Canada.   As business advisors, we only focus on businesses under 100 employees, so we understand exactly what challenges you face as a small business owner. Our 2 partners have significant experience working in complex businesses such as manufacturing, hi-technology, and financial services, but we have worked with clients in many other industries such as retail, non-profit, construction, transportation, recreation, and professional services. We work directly with you, the business owner to understand your specific business goals and challenges so that we are able to implement the right solutions for your business, ensuring that you have continued long term success.

Find out what our customers say about our work, as well as see a sample of the  type of work we have performed with other businesses.

Who Benefits From Our Services

  • Businesses who want to improve the financial and operational structure for their business

  •  Businesses who are looking for a well-rounded trusted partner and advisor to advise them in all areas of their business

  • Businesses who need help in assessing and understanding why they are not achieving their expected profits 
  • Businesses who want advice and direction in choosing and executing the right tactical lead generation and marketing programs needed to grow their business

  • Businesses who are looking for new ways and new initiatives in their business to improve results


Our business blog provides business owners with information, help and ideas on all areas of a business.

We have just added a FREE business forum where business owners can ask questions and share ideas. We will answer any business questions posed .

We have defined consulting engagements  which are strategic in nature that we have developed that have clear objectives and  defined deliverables.

We have consulting packages  which are tactical in nature for when you need to outsource tasks where the business does not have the skills internally to perform or the time. These packages have also been developed with clear objectives and  defined deliverables. 

Find Out More About Our New Consulting & Coaching Packages

We have created fixed price consulting & coaching packages for each life cycle of your business whether you are just starting out, are looking to grow your business, or are just looking for a bit of tuning to help get your business back on track.  All consulting within each track builds on the previous consulting pillar, but can be purchased separately.  We can also offer you customized consulting and coaching for your particular business if needed.

In addition to developing the packages, one of our partners is offering financing so you are able to get the help you need for your business, while still being able to manage your cash flow. Multiple year loans are available. Financing availability and terms are based "on approved credit".   

Start Your Business
grow your business
tune your business

New :  Entrepreneur BusinessCoaching Package

Customized BusinessCoaching Package

We have built a coaching package which follows our process and methodology, but is customized based on your requirements and where you are in your business:

  • For new entrepreneurs who need help getting their business set-up and started off on right foot

  • For existing entrepreneurs who need some help in certain areas of their business

Coaching is for those entrepreneurs who are looking for one on one help and want to learn and acquire the skills needed to move their business forward themselves.

Take Advantage of Our

30 Minute Free No Obligation Consultation

RK Fischer & Associates offers a 30 minute free no obligation consultation to  potential clients.

This consultation can be provided on the phone or in our offices in Whitby, ON.  

All free consultations are booked in advance.

Someone will contact you within 24 hours.

Our Products and Services

What Our Clients Say About Us

"We started working with RK Fischer with the intention of adding a second set of eyes to our finances. Rudy and Karen have provided far more than accounting oversight, bringing their combined expertise and experience to several areas of our business including marketing, sales, production, and overall business process. If you have a business problem that needs solving, I would recommend you start by getting Rudy or Karen on board."

Greg Hamilton, President
Boxer Custom Cases Inc.

Joey's World

"RK Fischer and Associates, were brought into the initial planning process for Joey's World and proved to be a valuable asset. The program lines introduced during this process were and will continue to be used as Joey's World functions as a successful business. Thank you Karen and Rudy."

Gord Gill, Owner and Operator
Joey's World Playground


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Our offices are located just outside Toronto within the GTA  and are able to provide services across Canada . Our local service area is Peterborough, Orillia, Clarington, Bowmanville, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Scarborough, Toronto, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, King City, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville.  For services outside our local service area within Canada please contact us to determine how we may best service your requirements.

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